The Alberto Contador Foundation is a non-profit organisation that bases its actions on two main pillars:

On the one hand, its actions are geared towards promoting the everyday use of bicycles as a mode of transport and locomotion, and thus achieving a general awareness within society that cycling is a source of health and wellbeing.

And on the other hand, it also focuses on the fight against Stroke. The foundation aims to raise the population’s awareness regarding this cerebrovascular accident that increasingly affects our society and, in many cases, could be prevented through healthy habits.

Thanks to the cycling activities organised by the Foundation, it aims to bring the population’s and healthcare authorities’ attention to the great impact that Stroke has in our lives and of the need to practice sports as a preventive measure.

The Foundation has an Action Plan to fulfil these objectives. One of its highlights is the launch of the “Alberto Contador Foundation” cycling school, the funding of research grants for people or entities directly involved with the Foundation and the development of the solidarity initiative “Bicis para la Vida” (“Bikes for Life”).
This solidarity project was created a few years ago by the Alberto Contador Foundation, the Ananta Foundation, the Seur Foundation and the Pinto Disabled Association, which is already a national reference with regards to the donation of second-hand bicycles.

The initiative consists in repairing bicycles in a workshop with a staff made up of disabled people so that these can later be distributed to disadvantaged groups, completely free of charge.
In this way, they solve various problems: not only do they provide professional training and work to people with intellectual disabilities, but also provide fully repaired bicycles at no cost to people in disadvantaged positions, disabled people within the Pinto municipality and its surroundings and groups who are at risk of social exclusion in the Autonomous Community of Madrid.

The implicit objective of this initiative is to promote a culture of cooperation, support and good practices in society as well as to expand the use of bicycles as a clean and ecological mode of transport.